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Individual Therapy

Feel Grounded, Confident and Refreshed

Are you stressed, anxious or things don't seem to improve for long no matter what or how hard you try? Maybe you feel like something's wrong with you or everything's your fault?

You can balance emotions and function at your best.


Understand Where You've Been. Enjoy Where You're Going

Is something missing in your life? Meaning, purpose, that special relationship? Or maybe you're not quite sure what it is.

Work with me to find your groove or get it back.


Stop going in circles and get to the root of the problem
Treating the symptom is like cutting the wire to the Check Engine light in your car. That pesky light might not bother you now, but the engire sure as heck didn't fix itself. I look at symptoms as messages trying to tell us something. And it's important for us to listen. Together we can learn what your symptoms are saying and honor what they are asking for.
You can resolve blocks and accomplish your goals.

I help people struggling with life's challenges to create the life you want and deserve.

  • Underachieving

  • Self-Sabotage

  • Missing Something In Life

  • Relationship & Family Goals

  • Work Issues

  • Stress

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Attention & Focus

  • Addictive/ Compulsive Behavior

  • Sleep

  • Trauma

My approach is warm, collaborative and goal-focused

Christine Marr, MA, LMFT


DC Holistic Psychotherapy

Offering Virtual Appointments

Formerly located at

4601 Connecticut Ave. #20

Washington, DC 20008


Call 917-547-4173

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