Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work? What are my next steps?

Call to talk over your situation.

During the free initial telephone consultation you can ask questions, share some about what you are looking for and learn how I may be able to help you accomplish your goals. Each person in the couple or family can speak with me by phone before coming in if they would like.This is a time to get a sense of the therapist and if you feel like it will be a good fit for your style. If it seems like a good fit you can schedule your first office appointment.  All in person appointments are fee for service. The free consultation is by telephone.

What are your fees? Do you take insurance?


This is a private pay practice. You may be reimbursed by your insurance company for any out of network benefits you may have. Cash, check or credit card payment are accepted at the time of service. You can call your insurance company to verify if and how much you would be reimbursed. You can also use your health spending account (HSA) to help pay for services.

Please see the Fees & Payment Methods page for more detailed information.


What are your hours? Do you have evening or weekend availability?

I am generally available Monday-Friday 9-5pm with some evening and weekend hours.

How long before I feel better?

Many people understandably would like to know how long therapy will take to complete. There is

no way to tell as the time of service depends on many factors that are unique to each person

and their situation. The first 2-3 sessions are used for assessment- gathering information

and together developing a therapy plan. Some resources for support and coping are giving

during these initial sessions so that many people begin to feel  some relief fairly quickly. The middle

phase of therapy  is where real change,  healing and growth occurs- where goals are achieved. 

In my experience clients tend to average 6 months to a year and sometimes longer. It is always your choice how long you would like to continue your work and you can close or pause your therapy at any time. We can collaborate to achieve your counseling goals so you can leave therapy with more life skills to enjoy life and relationships. I ask that you agree to at least one closing session so that you can get the most out of the work that you have done.

The length of therapy depends on several factors including your goals, the layers or complexity of issues you're facing, and between session practice or observation. Paying attention to changes and taking opportunities to practice using new tools in your everyday life helps you make the most of therapy in the shortest amount of time. 

Do you diagnose people? What is your philosophy of therapy?

I take a warm and respectful approach in getting to know you as a whole person - strengths and interests, pains and pastimes, goals and obstacles, and the nature of your daily life including what you may want more of or less of. 


I see people as having innate resources for health and healing, My job is to use your unique way of doing life as building blocks to the life you want to create, and to help you discover and reconnect with those resources. This is true even if you've never had a sense of your inner resources. I specialize in early trauma and resource building.

Diagnoses are often short hand for a cluster of symptoms which may or may not speak to the underlying causes. Yes, I'm trained in diagnosis and can collaborate with professionals who work primarily from that vantage point. However, I am most interested in you as a whole person and helping you develop more of what works more often in your life. 


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