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Credentials & Affiliations


Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, District of Columbia Health

                                                    Professional Licensing Administration
Clinical Fellow, American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy

EMDR Institute

Safe Harbor


Education & Post Graduate Training

Master of Arts, Marriage and Family Therapy, Hofstra University, with honors, 1994

Imago Couples Therapy, Harville Hendrix, PhD

Brief Therapy and Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, Paul Lounsbury, LMFT & Nancy 

                                                                                  Winston, LCSW New York, NY

Holistic Nutrition, Mayuri Sobti, ND, Tulsi Holistic Living

Lifeforce Yoga Level 1- Amy Weintraub

Integrative Mental Health, Andrew Weil, MD and associates

EMDR Basic Training- Dan Merlis, LCSW

EMDR Advanced Training- Tracy Ryan Kidd, LCSW and Nancy Newport, LCSW

EMDR Early Trauma Protocol Training, Sandra Paulsen, PhD

Clinical Map Defined: The Road to Recovery, Patrick Carnes, PhD

On Target Emotionally Focused Therapy,  Sue Johnson, PhD

Making Marriages Work- Secrets of Sex, Love, Trust, Drs. Julie and John Gottman

Christine Marr, MA, LMFT



July, October 2009                 Stress Management & Relaxation, Kaiser Permanente, MAS Oncology Department, Rockville, 



June 2009                               Targeted Amino Acid Therapy and EFT, Kaiser Permanente, MAS Integrative Medicine Dept.   

                                                  Department, Rockville, MD


October 2008                           Alternative Methods in Mental Health, Kaiser Permanente, MAS Behavioral Health  

                                                  Department, Washington, DC


April 2008                                 Integrative Methods Question and Answer Session,  Guest Lecturer for Dr. Daniel Merenstein, 

                                                   Integrative Medicine undergraduate course in integrative medicine, Georgetown University, 

                                                   Washington, DC


March 2008                              Holistic Stress Management, Virginia Society of Health-System Pharmacists. Richmond, VA


October 2006                           Secondary and Vicarious Trauma Support for Multidisciplinary Trauma Workers, Bronx 

                                                  Multidisciplinary Team, Bronx, NY


September 2005                      Intensive Sexual Abuse Prevention and Response Training for Educational Professionals, 

                                                   New  York City Department of Education, District 1, Bronx, NY


April 2005                                 Compassion Fatigue and Vicarious Trauma, KHCC Child Sexual Abuse Treatment 

                                                   and  Prevention Program, Staff Training, Bronx, NY


September 2004                      Signs and Symptoms of Child Sexual Abuse, KHCC, Intern Training, Bronx, NY


April 2004                                 Panelist, Child Sexual Abuse, Fordham University Law School Annual Conference on  

                                                   Domestic Violence, New York, NY


March 2004                              Externalizing Methods for Child Sexual Reactivity, KHCC Child Sexual Abuse 

                                                  Treatment and Prevention Program, Staff Training, Bronx, NY


November 2003                       Community Based Family Therapy Methods, KHCC, Intern Training, Bronx, NY


May 2003                                  Internalized Other Interviewing, KHCC Child Sexual Abuse Treatment and Prevention

                                                   Program, Staff Training, Bronx, NY


January 2003                           Handling Disclosures of Child Sexual Abuse, New York City Department of Education, 

                                                   Brooklyn, NY


October 2002                           Conducting a Multifamily Sexual Abuse Group, KHCC Child Sexual Abuse Treatment

                                                  And Prevention Program, Staff Training, Bronx, NY


March 2002                              Signs and Symptoms of Child Sexual Abuse, New York City Administration for Children’s

                                                  Services, Bronx, NY


October 2001                           Multiple Systems Therapy for Child Sexual Abuse, Bronx Multidisciplinary Team for Child                                                   Abuse and Maltreatment, Bronx, NY


September, 2000                     Transferable Innovations: Transition to Junior High Programs in the Schools, Center for

                                                   School Based Mental Health Annual Conference, Atlanta, GA


May 1999, 2000                        Therapeutic & Normalizing Benefits of Popular Arts in Human Services, Arts

                                                   Incorporated Annual Dinner Benefits New York, NY

Christine Marr, MA, LMFT


DC Holistic Psychotherapy

4601 Connecticut Ave. #20

Washington, DC 20008


Call 202-248-3818

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