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holistic solution focused therapy

Warm, Respectful, Goal Focused ... 

Find peace, fulfillment and healthy ways to meet your needs. Learn tools to more easily manage emotions, relationships and lifestyle more comfortably. Identify and achieve inner and outer goals,  meaning and purpose.  

Dissolve pain and misunderstandings. Renew passion and reconnect.

Using Gottman Couples Therapy, the practice of emotionally focused couples therapy, and Imago informed couples therapy. Structured, strategic and compassionate healing if you're looking for DC marriage therapy specializing in affair recovery, emotional distance, intimacy issues. 

Put the past in the past with EMDR Trauma Therapy. Gentle, structured trauma informed resources, healing and adjustment methods for PTSD, relationship, career and emotional effects of trauma.

Christine Marr, MA, LMFT


DC Holistic Psychotherapy

4601 Connecticut Ave. NW, #20

Washington, DC 20008


Call 202-248-3818

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